What are soft-tissue injuries?

soft tissue injury

Soft Tissue Injury Types | Symptoms | Treatment by Dr. Ratnakar Rao

Soft tissue injury is a type of injury to the soft tissues that support bone and cartilages and other structures in the joint. Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support bones. These structures are prone to injuries due to excessive usage, repetitive movements, weight-bearing, and blows to the joint. Any injury, blow or damage to soft tissues can lead to mild to moderate pain (in some cases severe pain), swelling, bruising, and inflammation. These symptoms may become severe if the injury is severe. People who experience severe pain in the joints have severe damage to the soft tissues that support bones and cartilage of the joints. In general, symptoms associated with soft tissue injury may depend on the type, extent, and nature of the injury. Soft tissue injuries can be addressed by taking rest.

What happens after a soft tissue injury?

If you are subjected to a soft tissue injury, your body reacts to it and tries to recover, repair or renew the damaged cells & tissues in the affected part. While doing so inflammatory process begins with pain, swelling, redness, mild heat, and bruises in and around the affected area.

What could be the possible causes of soft tissue injuries?

Overuse and trauma are the major reasons for soft tissue injuries to ligaments, tendons, and muscles that support the joints. In a majority of the cases, soft tissue injury often results from an unexpected and sudden or uncontrolled or awkward movement of the limb – for instance, if someone steps awkwardly while climbing stairs and rolls over their ankle – they injure their soft tissues in the ankle joint.

In some cases, overuse is the cause of soft tissue injuries. If someone already fatigued from an exercise or run – does a long run again, they may become prone to muscle strain in the calf muscles or Achilles’ tendons.

Soft Tissue Injury Types

Soft Tissue Injuries Classification
  • Bruises (contusions)
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Stress injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
What are the most common soft tissue injuries?
  • Hamstring strain
  • Calf Strain
  • Tennis / Golfers elbow
  • Back Strain (read more on back pain)
  • Ankle Spain

Soft Tissue Injury Types

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